FinaleFor Info on our Cultural work, please call Nora or Kathy on 02074280471 or 02082169441

We support the Irish Pensioners Choir, which meets every 2nd Monday in the Irish Centre in Camden to rehearse and learn Irish songs and other songs. This year we recorded two songs on an album with Foster and Allen, performed with Sean Cannon of the Dubliners and his son, James Cannon, and performed in Trafalgar Square on St Patrick’s Day. New members are always welcome and its as much about the friendship and fun, as it is about the singing!

IMG_20140710_194235We run the Irish Pensioners Culture Club, a music session for older Irish people, friends and family, where people can sing, share home made food, listen to live music, and generally get together for a lovely time hosted by the Irish Pensioners Choir and the Irish Elderly Advice Network in the Irish Centre in Camden Town. We will start these again in the new year and will update website with information.

We put on one-off cultural events throughout the year in support and celebration of older Irish people and our Irish cultural heritage. Our latest event, ‘This One Irish Night’, was headlined by Sean Cannon of the Dubliners and his son James, and we were also joined by 60 Irish musicians, singers and dancers, covering 4 generations of the London-Irish, for a truly magical night of Irish culture. This took place in Haringey Irish Centre and was a benefit night for the Irish Elderly Advice Network. It was filmed by Irish TV and will be shown on Sky later this year.